Announcement: Sign up now for Friday Night Lights! Starts this week!

The CrossFit Open starts this week. If you plan to participate in the Open, sign up for Friday Night Lights.

ATHLETES: To participate in the CrossFit Open workouts each week, you must sign up online by Thursday at 12 noon to be assigned to a heat. You can sign up for multiple weeks at one time. Members and non-members must sign up. The fee for non-members is $10 per workout. We will only provide judges on Friday night at no cost for members, after Friday all will need to pay $10 to the judge for alternate days and times.

JUDGES: If you would like to help judge, please sign up and let us know the days you will be available to work. All judges are required to have completed the CrossFit Judges course.


Close Grip Bench Press (1×5,1×3,1×1)


Back Squat (1×5,1×3,1×1)


Metcon (Time)

Teams of 2
100 Pull Ups
200 Sit Ups
300 Air Squats
*Partner Holds DB Single Arm OVH (75/50)
Reps can only be accumulated when DB is OVH….. 20 min Time Cap