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head coach

Coach Darren Hunsucker “aka” Darebear, is a Michigan native and grew up in the small town of Capac Michigan. Growing up with 6 brothers, he quickly gained a competitive edge and participated in both football and wrestling. After graduating in the summer of 2009, he ventured down to Tennessee to help start up the original CrossFit Mayhem. Darren primarily serves as the head coach at Mayhem and programs the daily workouts and various What is Rich Doing bias programs. Along side of his dominant coaching career, he has went to the games on team in 2013, 2017, and is hopeful to continue this path forward. Darren’s main goal is to become a better Christian, husband, and one day father.   


  • CF Level 1

  • CF Level 2

  • Aerobic Capacity

  • CF Weightlifting

  • CF  kids

  • CF Movement and Mobility

  • CF Freestyle