mayhem scaled

Why does this program exist?

There are so many athletes who love doing CrossFit but do not quite have all of the movements nailed down. Maybe you are one of these athletes who struggles with some of the skilled movements like strict pull ups, kipping pull ups, strict hspu, kipping hspu, double unders, muscle ups, rope climbs, etc. This program is created exactly for you!

What is this program like?

The Mayhem Scaled program is THE PREMIER program for Scaled athletes looking to take improve their current fitness. 
This program will offer tailored workouts programmed each day by Rich Froning and modify them so any athlete can perform them.
Most days will include a warm up, session for skill development (example: progression to develop strict HSPU) and some combination of metcons, strength (Olympic and Power Lifts), and/or aerobic conditioning.

Who is this program for?

This program is great for any athlete who typically performs a scaled/modified version of most workouts.
This program is also made for any athlete newer to CrossFit and wants a smooth transition into the start.

If I performed the Open in the Scaled division and want to be able to do Rx'd, is this for me?

Our goal with this program is for you to steadily improve and be able to perform workouts Rx'd. 
We will periodically retest workouts and even Open workouts to display your progress in fitness and skill development.

How long will it take each day?

This program will take 1-2 hours to complete each day.
We will list the program in order of importance, so if you are short on time you can be sure to perform the most important pieces first!

Advanced daily programming by Rich Froning and modified by the Mayhem Athlete Team

SugarWOD account for Mayhem Athlete online fitness community, tracking workouts, and logging results.

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