• Uses Rich’s gymnastic idealogy to increase proficiency and capacity in this area.
  • Includes EMOMs, metcons, skill work, practice, and more
  • Will work to improve handstand push ups, walks, muscle ups, chest to bar pull ups, etc.

This Gymnastic Bias uses EMOMs, metcons, skill work, practice, and more to improve efficiency and overall success  the same way Rich has. The Gymnastic Bias is designed for individuals who struggle with gymnastic movements like handstand push ups, muscle ups, chest to bar pull ups, etc. This Bias will work on improving proficiency in each of the movements as well as being able to complete high reps at each, which is often required in competition and the Open. This will help you be able to hang on or push through for those needed last few reps in body weight movements.

Day 1

Workout 1:
Every min (12 mins)
200m/175m Row
- Rest 2 Minutes -
Every min (12 mins)
5 Clean and Jerks (145/105)

Front Squat (4x10 @60%+10lbs of 1RM)
*Every 2 mins complete a set*

Shoulder Press (4x10 @60%+10lbs of 1RM)
*Every 2 mins complete a set*

Workout 2:

3 rounds for time of:
165-lb. thrusters, 7 reps
15 muscle-ups
165-lb. power snatches, 10 reps

Core / Stability:

" Durante Core "
5 Rounds
10 Hollow Rocks
10 V-Ups
10 Tuck Ups
10 sec. Hollow Hold
- Rest 1 min -

5 Rounds
3 Snatch Balance (Light/Med. weight)
5 L-Pull Ups
7 High Box Jumps
- Rest as needed b/t rds -

Day 2

Warm Up:
Agility Ladder
*10 mins

Workout 1:
Every min (10mins)
4 C2B+2 Bar MU
* If you have weighted vest wear it! *

2 Position Snatch (1 Hang Snatch + 1 Snatch) (complete a set Every 1:15 (10 sets))
*Work up to weight you feel fast at and can maintain good technique.  Don't go over 78% of your snatch.  Do 10 working sets.

Snatch Pull (3x3 (HIGH ELBOWS))
*80-90% of 1RM. Work on your positions.

Snatch Grip Deadlift (3x3)
*105% + of 1RM

Workout 2:
5 Rounds
50 Double Unders (Zeus)
50ft Handstand Walk

Workout 3:
5x20 yard Sled pull ( 180/120)
- Rest 2 mins b/t rds -
*Attach a rope and Hand over Hand pull. NO Walking with the sled !

Accessory Work
4 Rounds
12 Lunges (185/115)
20 Ring Rows
12 Strict Deficit HSPU