• Uses Rich’s conditioning methodology to build a bigger “engine”
  • Includes intervals, metcons, assault bike/airdyne, running, swimming, and more.
  • For those struggling with longer workouts or metabolic conditioning as a whole.

This Conditioning Bias uses intervals, metcons, rowing, assault bike/airdyne, running, swimming, and more to build a bigger “engine” the same way Rich has. The Conditioning Bias is structured for individuals who want to build a bigger “engine.” They may struggle with longer workouts or need to work on metabolic conditioning as a whole. These individuals may already have a higher level of proficiency with gymnastics and strength. This Bias will help make you more comfortable being out of breath and able to go faster in all kinds of workouts.

Day 1

Warm up:
3 rounds
20 calorie row
50’ single arm farmer carry R/L
50’ banded lateral side step R/L
15 glute ham raise
7 strict pull up

Snatch (7x3 @70%)
Back Squat (5x5 @70%)

Workout 1:
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (135/95)
Chest-to-bar Pull-up

3 rounds
40-30-20 cals
1:00 b/t reps
2:00 b/t rounds

Day 2

3 rounds
5x300m at mile PR pace into 100m walk
-No rest b/w reps, 3:00 rest b/w rounds-

Tempo Dumbbell Bench
3 sets of 15 (4:0:3:0) moderate weight
Tempo Glute ham raise
4 sets of 8 (4:0:2:0)