If you have ever wondered what Rich would do if he could go back in time and program for his younger self as he began competing, this is it. This is programming from Rich for those beginning to take competition seriously or that want to take their fitness to the next level. 

The Mayhem Compete program is the most detailed and complete program we offer. Hundreds have seen success following “Whats Rich Doing” but some need a more structured program to adjust to the volume, high level gymnastics, and heavy loading.  This program offers volume in all aspects of strength, conditioning, and gymnastics at precisely scheduled times throughout the year.  This will give athletes time to peak at the appropriate times during the Open and Regionals. Mayhem Compete will offer everything an athlete needs to compete at their highest level. We suggest this program for only athletes that have competed in multiple Open seasons. 

While Mayhem Open Prep will also prepare you for the Open, this program will be more advanced and take more training time. This program will usually take around 2-3 hours to complete each day and may need to be broken up into multiple sessions. 

  • Advanced daily programming by Rich Froning

  • Wodify account for tracking and logging workout results.

  • Starting at $49.99/month

    * If you already have a Wodify account at another gym, you can use the same email to sign up for the What’s Rich Doing? program.


Day 2 2-01.png


Session 1

Assault bike:
4 rounds:
25 calories
-Rest :45-
20 calories
-Rest 0:45-
15 calories
-Rest 2:00-
*The goal is to increase your pace within each round. For example: the 20 cal section should be at a faster pace than the 25 cal section. And the 15 cal section should be at a faster pace than the 20 cal section.

Power Snatch (7x2)
*7 working sets of 2 reps (not Touch n' go), increasing weight with each set.
Back Squat (4x10)
*4 working sets of 10 reps. Increasing weight each set.

Session 2

Warm Up:
3 rounds
20 cal row
15 suitcase deadlifts (each side)
10 inch worm

For Time:
3 Rounds
15 deadlifts (225#/155#)
15 strict HSPU
- Rest 5:00 -
3 rounds:
12 deadlifts (275#/185#)
12 strict HSPU (2" deficit)
- Rest 5:00 -
9 deadlifts (315#/225#)
9 strict HSPU (4" deficit)

Day 2 2-01.png


Session 1

Workout 1:
2K row (+6-8 sec slower than your 2K PR pace)
- Rest 3:00 -
Squat clean EMOM (2 reps per min)
* start at 70% and add 10# until failure
- Rest 3:00 -
1K row (hard effort)

Workout 2:
50 Toe-to-bar
50 ab mat sit-ups
50 GHD

Session 2

Warm Up:
2 rounds
1:00 air squat
1:00 ring row
1:00 step back lunge
1:00 side plank (each side)

30 wall balls (20/14)
10 burpee box jump overs (24/20)