What's this? This is a 6 day/week program including the accessory work and warm ups Rich and the Mayhem Athlete team have created to prepare the body for workouts and supplement training. We are continuing to realize more and more how important an effective warm up is and how applying accessory work can pay dividends and truly benefit our training.

  • These warm ups and the accessory work are for all kinds of athletes

  • There will be 6 days of programming each week

What will this look like?

  1. Warm ups should be utilized to keep you moving and help prepare the body to move at a high intensity or begin working up to heavy loads.

  2. Most daily accessory work will take 10-20 minutes to complete and should be done post workout. This should be utilized to supplement your training and strengthen movement in a controlled and deliberate fashion which can translate to more efficient movement, decreased injury rate, and improved fitness.

Advanced daily programming by Rich Froning and the Mayhem Athlete Team

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Day 2 2-01.png

Day 1

Warm up:
1000m Row Easy

4 rounds
45' side walking plank R/L
15 single leg RDL moderate R/L
150' DB single arm overhead carry moderate/heavy
1000m ski moderate

Day 2 2-01.png

Day 2

Warm up:
10 min moderate bike

3 rounds
10 single leg pallof press R/L
10 1 arm suitcase deadlift R/L

3 rounds
25 ghd sit up
1:00 plank
25 ring row

Day 2 2-01.png

Day 3

Warm up:
3 rounds
1000m easy row
20 lateral band step over R/L
1:00 side plank R/L

Single arm shoulder press
4x12 R/L
Single arm upright row
4x12 R/L