Why does this program exist?

We realize how important time is! For those of us with kids and busy schedules, this is even more true.
Obviously we love getting to the gym and geting our daily workout in. But we know this isn't posssible for everyone.
So we created a program for those who are crunched for time and don't have access to any typical gym equipment.

What does this program offer?

Mayhem 30 offers a short 30 minute workout designed for someone who wants to workout at home or who travels frequently and has no access to equipment.
6 Days of workouts each week
Each day will include a warm up, a workout, and a cool down.
All you need is yourself and a small space to move!

Who can do this program?

Just about anyone! As long as you are healthy enough to stand up, sit down, take a knee, and get up off the floor you can do this program!

How long will it take each day?

30 minutes! That's it. We promise. Everyday.

SugarWOD account for Mayhem Athlete online fitness community, tracking workouts, and logging results.

Starting at $19.99/month



Day 2 2-01.png

Day 1

Warm Up:
3 Rounds
20 jumping jacks
5 Inch Worms
20 mountain climbers
0:30 plank hold

15 min AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible)
5 Push Ups
10 Chair Step Ups
15 Sit Ups

Cool Down:
5 min Walk
2:00 cobra stretch

Day 2 2-01.png

Day 2

Warm Up:
3 rounds:
10 hip dips (each side)
10 knee pulls in place
10 heel pulls in place
10 dead bugs

5 rounds
1:00 Burpees
1:00 High knees
1:00 Lunges
rest 1:00 after each round

Cool Down:
4 rounds
0:30 slow jog
0:15 torso twists
0:15 shoulder rolls (forward and backwards)
0:15 toe touch stretch
0:15 quad Stretch (each leg)