This program is going to provide the inside look into “What the women of the CrossFit Mayhem Freedom team are doing for training every day“. Most of the time, it will follow along with the programming from the, “What’s Rich Doing?” but it will offer the female’s standard weights to be used, the female standard for the movements as well as the scaled amount of reps if needed. This program will also feature some extra gymnastics and specific muscle strength work in addition to the daily workouts. The program will also include the adapted and alternate versions of workouts that are safer and more comfortable for those who experience back pain or have lower back issues.

Tasia Percevecz, one of the members of CrossFit Mayhem Freedom, will provide the adjustments made for workouts. This is a great program to follow to become more fit in all areas of CrossFit and to gain some extra support and stability in your core and spine.

Follow along with exactly “What the women of the CrossFit Mayhem Freedom team are doing for training everyday”

Starting at $49.99/month

Includes the women’s weights, potentially scaled reps and women’s standards for most of the workouts in the, “What’s Rich Doing?” program.

SugarWOD account for Mayhem Athlete online fitness community, tracking workouts, and logging results.

You will also gain access to WRD workouts and leader board as well within the SugarWOD app


Day 1

Session 1

Workout 1:
Wallball 20#
Muscle Up
*Target Time: 10:00
*Time Cap: 16:00

Workout 2:
Deadlift 205#
Box jump over 36"
*Target Time: 11:00
*Time Cap: 16:00

Session 2

Workout 1:
Legless rope climb
*2 times over handstand obstacle after each round
*Time Cap: 12:00

Workout 2:
8 rounds
15 cal assault bike
10 dumbbell front Squat 2x35#
150m Swim
- Rest 3:00 b/t rounds -
*Target Time each round: 5:00
*Time Cap each round: 8:00
(Sub 750m row if needed)

Day 2

Session 1

Workout 1:
Toes to bar
*Target Time: 12:00
*Time Cap: 18:00

Workout 2:
4 rounds
25 yard sled push (+2x45s)
25 yard drag backwards (+2x45s)
15 Dball clean 100#
*Time Cap: 22:00

Session 2

Workout 1:
3 rounds
30 cal ski
15 bar Muscle Up
*Target Time: 10:00
*Time Cap: 15:00

Power Snatch + Snatch (Heavy Single)