Anthony Mapes


Nickname: Antwon, danger, Mr. Good looking, Mr. Crossfit, best coach at mayhem, I mean I have TONS of nicknames.

I started crossfit in 2012/2013. Before I started CrossFit I had always exercised but never fast. Then a friend recommended the intro class over at crossfit mayhem #ad

I played soccer and baseball growing up and received a lot of trophies... probably participation trophies... never played highschool or collegiate sports.

I graduated cookeville highschool in 2011 and then went to TTU for 3 years

I have my level 1 in CrossFit and hope to gain as many certifications as I can through CrossFit

I was born in Michigan and lived there until I was 4/5 and then moved to cookeville and have lived here ever since!

I have a beautiful wife, her name is lacy! Oh and a baby boy on the way that will be here in September!