What’s Rich Doing? Specialty Programs (Biases)

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What are these?

These new program Biases are made for individuals that want to target specific weaknesses. We understand that Rich trains a lot which can make it difficult to decide which of Rich’s workouts will best target your weaknesses. The Strength, Conditioning, and Gymnastic Biases have efficient, purposeful, and specific programming that will help you target those weaknesses.
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Is this for me?

  • These Biases are programmed for all kinds of athletes.
  • They will assist with improvements in specific areas.
  • Each Bias consists of 5-6 days of training each week.
  • Each Bias will be on a 12 week cycle (3 months)
  • Cost for the 12 week cycle (3 months) is $149.00

These are specific programmed workouts for those with little or lots of time to train. These new Biases are made for all kinds of athletes. They are structured to provide improvements for those trying to simply improve at their box/garage gym, compete in local competitions, or make it to the CrossFit Games. These Biases are created for individuals looking to improve in specific areas – Strength, Gymnastics, or Conditioning. Each bias will include a specific order of workouts so anyone can attack the most important workouts and still see improvements even if they don’t have more than an hour to train. The emphasis or main focus of the workouts will be at the beginning. For those with more time, there is still a substantial volume of workouts. These specially designed programs are all 5-6 days a week and made for any individual looking to improve their fitness.
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Why not just follow “What’s Rich Doing?”

  • WRD is still effective and great to use.
  • For individuals that want to target specific weaknesses.

The “What’s Rich Doing” program has been and is still an asset to hundreds of individuals training. There are numerous individuals who have seen vast improvements in their overall fitness. These new program Biases are made for individuals that want to target specific weaknesses.
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Who programs?

Rich and the Mayhem Coaches programmed these Biases.

How long will it take to see improvements?

We believe it is realistic to see noticeable improvements within 8 weeks. We will program several benchmark workouts, lifts, and other tests of fitness. Over time we will retest these benchmark workouts to ensure you are seeing improvements.
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Strength BiasRich - cleaning the bar

  • Focuses on building strength how Rich has and still does.
  • Includes classic strength, EMOMs, metcons, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Dballs, Tire Flips, etc.
  • For those struggling with 1 rep maxes, cycling heavy weights, or medium weights in metcons.

This Strength Bias will focus on building strength the way Rich has throughout his CrossFit career. It will focus on improvements in the Olympic and Power Lifts as well as cycling heavy weights in a variety of ways. Rich and Mayhem Teams do very well in these events for a reason. The Strength Bias is made for individuals that are already well rounded to a certain extent. They may have some success in workouts with gymnastics, lighter loads, and/or high metabolic conditioning. These individuals may struggle more with heavier weights and medium/heavy conditioning workouts. This Bias will focus on improvements in these areas.
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Rich flipping the pig at the CF Games.

Conditioning BiasRich rowing

  • Will use Rich’s conditioning methodology to build a bigger “engine”
  • Includes intervals, metcons, assault bike/airdyne, running, swimming, and more.
  • For those struggling with longer workouts or metabolic conditioning as a whole.

This Conditioning Bias uses intervals, metcons, rowing, assault bike/airdyne, running, swimming, and more to build a bigger “engine” the same way Rich has. The Conditioning Bias is structured for individuals who want to build a bigger “engine.” They may struggle with longer workouts or need to work on metabolic conditioning as a whole. These individuals may already have a higher level of proficiency with gymnastics and strength. This Bias will help make you more comfortable being out of breath and able to go faster in all kinds of workouts.
[Top of page] Rich and the team running in a CF Games workout.

Gymnastic BiasRich doing pull ups

  • Uses Rich’s gymnastic idealogy to increase proficiency and capacity in this area.
  • Includes EMOMs, metcons, skill work, practice, and more
  • Will work to improve handstand push ups, walks, muscle ups, chest to bar pull ups, etc.

This Gymnastic Bias uses EMOMs, metcons, skill work, practice, and more to improve efficiency and overall success  the same way Rich has. The Gymnastic Bias is designed for individuals who struggle with gymnastic movements like handstand push ups, muscle ups, chest to bar pull ups, etc. This Bias will work on improving proficiency in each of the movements as well as being able to complete high reps at each, which is often required in competition and the Open. This will help you be able to hang on or push through for those needed last few reps in body weight movements.
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Rich - muscle-up biathlon at CF Games.

How do I sign up?

    • Access to Rich’s BIAS programming includes a Wodify account for tracking and logging workout results.
    • Sign up Now!
      * If you already have a Wodify account at another gym, you will need to use a different email to sign up for the a Mayhem BIAS program. If you have had or currently have a wodify account for “What’s Rich Doing?” then you can use your “What’s Rich Doing?” wodify account to sign up.
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