Mayhem Open Prep Program

The Open is coming… In just a couple of months, the CrossFit season will begin with CrossFit Open workout 17.1. Many have a love/hate relationship with the Open. Others mainly just dread each week of torture. The Open and its 5 workouts never fail to make us all go to our darkest recesses of pain and despair with our fitness. To help those participating in the Open prepare, “What’s Rich Doing” is offering “Open Prep.” This Open Prep is intentional programming to prepare athletes to peak their performance for Open workouts 17.1 through 17.5. This Open Prep will include a large focus on very high intensity metcons mimicking the Open. Each week will start out with more overall volume and lifting, but will taper down to prepare for an Open workout or Open-like workout each Friday. This will get each athlete accustomed to what the 5 weeks in the Open will be like.  

Is this for me?

The Open Prep is programmed for anyone who wants to participate in the Open.
It will assist with improving work capacity for metcons while still progressing overall fitness.
It consists of 5-6 days of training each week.
The Open Prep is programmed for those with little or lots of time to train. It is made to accommodate all kinds of athletes. The Open Prep will include a specific order of workouts, so athletes can attack the most important workouts and still see improvements even if they don’t have more than an hour to train. The emphasis or main focus of the workouts will be at the beginning. For those with more time, there is still a substantial volume of workouts. These specially designed programs are all 5-6 days a week and made for any individual looking to have optimal performance for the Open.

Why not just follow “What’s Rich Doing?”

WRD is still effective and great to use.
For individuals that want to mainly focus on preparing for the Open.
The “What’s Rich Doing” program has been and is still an asset to hundreds of individuals training. There are numerous individuals who have seen vast improvements in their overall fitness. The Open Prep is another great option for athletes to choose for this window before the Open.

Who programs?

Rich and the Mayhem Coaches program Open Prep.

How long will it take to see improvements?

We believe it is realistic to see noticeable improvements within 8 weeks.

What should athletes do after following Open Prep and the Open is over?

Whether you make Regionals or not, joining the “What’s Rich Doing” program is a great option. Follow this with hundreds of other athletes as Rich attacks each area of fitness.

  • Sign up for the Open Prep Training Now!  
  • Dec 5th, 2016 Start – 16 week program – $175
  • Jan 2nd, 2017 Start – 12 week program – $149
    * After the initial program, the membership will autorenew with a 4 week membership to What’s Rich Doing programming for $50 every 4 weeks.
    * To discontinue program cycle, email 15 days before the next billing cycle due date and request deactivation of the membership.