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WRD-logo-2What’s Rich Doing? Basic

Are you looking for a challenge? Would you like to take your training to the next level? “What’s Rich Doing?” will offer three tiers. These tiers range from a basic level to individualized training programs. This is the only program that offers exactly what Rich Froning, the 4-time fittest man on earth, does every day.

We will begin with the Basic package. You will be able to do the same workouts as Rich. This program will post every workout Rich does in detail, so you can follow his training methods. We will post the prescribed weights for men and women.  The workouts will be posted daily at 4am Central Time.  This will allow you to plan out each day of the week as needed and allocate rest periods. The program services are provided through Wodify. When enrolled into the program, you obtain access to the “What’s Rich Doing?” Wodify program. You will be able to log all of your workouts through Wodify and track your progress as your fitness improves.

Freedom Women Training

FWT-PicThis program is going to provide the inside look into “What the women of the CrossFit Mayhem Freedom team are doing for training every day“. Most of the time, it will follow along with the programming from the, “What’s Rich Doing?” but it will offer the female’s standard weights to be used, the female standard for the movements as well as the scaled amount of reps if needed. This program will also feature some extra gymnastics and specific muscle strength work in addition to the daily workouts. The program will also include the adapted and alternate versions of workouts that are safer and more comfortable for those who experience back pain or have lower back issues. Lindy Barber, one of the members of the team, will provide the adjustments made in workouts and the extra core work performed to keep her spine healthy. If you are unfamiliar with Lindy’s story about injuring her back and her road to recovery, watch and read about her story. This is a great program to follow to become more fit in all areas of CrossFit and to gain some extra support and stability in your core and spine.

Program Options: [Basic What’s Rich Doing? (WRD)] – [Freedom Women Training (FWT)]

Here’s what Rich has to say about the Basic program

If you cannot view or hear the video, here is what Rich has to say.
This site is exactly what it says, what I’m doing for programming. This site is a few weeks behind my actual training for logistical purposes, but it is my actual training log. The “What’s Rich Doing? – Basic” is not personalized training, but I do think it is very balanced programming. The volume is a little high for the everyday CrossFitter so it might be better to use this site for ideas for workouts and cherry pick if you aren’t looking at competing for the CrossFit Games. For the person looking to compete at the CrossFit games, I think this programming could help you get to the next level. However, due to the high volume, easing into the volume over a period of time is suggested.

Some of the workouts are programmed by myself. Others are borrowed from others such as James Hobart, Jason Khalipa, Josh Bridges, and Pat Sherwood. All running programming is from Chris Hinshaw at aerobiccapacity.com. Swimming workouts are programmed by Jenna Bekker. The weightlifting is based on Coach Bergener crossfitweightlifting.com.

Two sample days of WRD programming:

Day 1 Sample Programming
Day 1 Sample Programming
Day 2 sample programming
Day 2 sample programming
Women of Freedom – Two sample days of programming
Women of Freedom Training – Sample Day 1 Programming
Women of Freedom Training – Sample Day 2 Programming

Program Information:

Basic “What’s Rich Doing?” Package

  • Access to Rich’s daily programming
  • Wodify account for tracking and logging workout results.
  • Starting at $50/month
  • Sign up Now!
  • * If you already have a Wodify account at another gym, you can use the same email to sign up for the What’s Rich Doing? program.

Freedom Women Training

  • Follow along with exactly “What the women of the CrossFit Mayhem Freedom team are doing for training everyday
  • Includes strength, gymnastics and conditioning as well as extra low back and core accessory work.
  • Includes the women’s weights, potentially scaled reps and women’s standards for most of the workouts in the, “What’s Rich Doing?” program.
  • Starting at $50/month
  • Sign up Now!* If you already have a Wodify account at another gym, you you can use the same email to sign up for the Freedom Women Training program.

For questions or to cancel membership, email us at whatsrichdoing@crossfitmayhem.com.