What’s Rich Doing? Warm-ups & Accessory Work

What this?

This is a $20/month program that will release the accessory work and warm ups Rich uses each day to prepare for workouts and to supplement his training. We are all realizing more and more how important an effective warm up is and how applying accessory work can pay dividends and truly benefit our training. Everything in this program is already in the “What’s Rich Doing” program. This is for those not following WRD that need help with warm ups or accessory work.

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Is this for me?

  • These warm ups and the accessory work are for all kinds of athletes.
  • There will be 6 days of programming each week

Most accessory work/accessory work take 10-20 minutes to complete. The programming each day can be used in 1 of 2 ways (warm ups before you work out or accessory work for post-workout).

  1. As warm ups, they can be utilized to keep you moving and help prepare the body to move at a high intensity or begin working up to heavy loads.
  2. As accessory work, it can be utilized to supplement your training and strengthen movement in a controlled and deliberate fashion which can translate to better movement, addressing deficiencies, and improving fitness.

Why not just follow “What’s Rich Doing?”

  • WRD already has all the accessory work/warm ups in this program
  • For those following other biases or not following any WRD program

The “What’s Rich Doing” program already includes everything that will be in this program. We would recommend you follow WRD but if you would rather just have some accessory work/warm ups to choose from without following WRD, then this is for you.

How long will it take to see improvements?

We believe it is realistic to see noticeable improvements on day 1 if you are not warming up properly and begin to use the warm ups as intended. If you already warm up properly and utilize the program as accessory work, then we think you can see improvements in movement and/or strength within 8 weeks.

Sample of 3 days of programming:


3 rounds
20 cal assault bike
50’ banded side step R/L
20 glute bridges


3 rounds
20 cal ski/row
10 half kneeling press R/L
10 inch worm
20 alternating leg v-ups


Warm up
30 mins for quality
20 cal assault bike
20 Single arm Russian swings R/L
20 Push ups
20 suitcase deadlift R/L
20 ring row

Sign up now for the WRD? Warm-up and Accessory Work program.