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The Open is over…. finally. Our five weeks in the pain cave have come to an end and the next phase of the CrossFit season has begun. For a select few, that means training for regionals. For over 99% of CrossFit athletes, that means attacking weaknesses and preparing for the CrossFit Open 2018. Because of the success many athletes saw with Open Prep, we have decided to continue with a similar program in the offseason to help you continue to progress for next year.

Is this for me?

For individuals that want to mainly focus on preparing for the 2018 Open, have less time to train, and/or have limited equipment.This program is for anyone training in the offseason with an hour to train each day. It will assist with improving overall work capacity for while still developing overall fitness.It consists of 5-6 days of training each week.

This program is targeted for the athlete who is not going to regionals or the games. This is for athletes that still want to do as well as possible in the CrossFit Open 2018, compete in local competitions, or simply continue to improve every day. This program will contain a specific order of workouts, so athletes can know the order to complete the workouts and how to optimize training each day. It will also be more conducive to those with more limited equipment (for those who lack a sled, peg board, ski erg, dball, etc.).

Why not just follow “What’s Rich Doing?”

WRD is still effective and great to use.

“What’s Rich Doing” can be a bit overwhelming at times because of the sheer volume of workouts. Our Open 2018 Prep will cut down on the volume of workouts and make it easy for you to know exactly what to do each day.
The “What’s Rich Doing” program has been and is still an asset to hundreds of individuals training. There are numerous individuals who have seen immense growth in their overall fitness. This program is another great option for athletes to choose for a more basic and Open focused offseason programming.

Who programs?

Rich and the Mayhem Coaches program Open 2018 Prep.

Sample Programs

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How long will it take to see improvements?

We believe it is realistic to see noticeable improvements within 8 weeks.

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