Back to Basics Intro

The Intro Class is a series of eight (8) sessions that are scheduled twice per week over a 4 week period. Each session will last approximately one hour each.  The Sessions numbered one (1) to eight (8) on the schedule are required to be taken in the scheduled order. Below are the start dates for each Intro.

Start Date Time Days of Week
Sept 7th 6:00 pm Monday & Wednesday
Sept 15th 6:00 am Tuesday & Thursday
Sept 22nd 6:00 pm Tuesday & Thursday
Oct 5th 6:00 pm Monday & Wednesday
Oct 13th  6:00 am Tuesday & Thursday
Oct 20th 6:00 pm Tuesday & Thursday
Nov 2nd  6:00 pm Monday & Wednesday
Nov 10th 6:00 am Tuesday & Thursday
Nov 17th 6:00 pm Tuesday & Thursday
Nov 30th 6:00 pm Monday & Wednesday
Checklist for getting signed up for the Back to Basics Intro:
  1. You will need to select the a class time that works best for your schedule (6:00 AM or 6:00 PM) so that you can attend all the sessions consecutively.*
    * If your schedule requires you to miss a class, make sure you speak with your coach to work out the details of the day and time for the additional makeup session.
  2. Email  The email should include the Intro Class Start Date that you would like to attend.
  3. Once we receive the email, we will setup your Wodify account.  (Wodify is the software we use to manage memberships and also allows athletes to track workout results).
  4. You will receive an email back with instructions to access your Wodify account, sign a waiver, reply to our survey, and pay for the intro fee.
  5.  Please do this as early as possible since the classes are filling up quickly and your spot is not reserved until your paperwork is turned in and you have paid.

If you have questions, you can send an email to or stop by the gym any time during our open hours to ask any questions or watch a class.