At CrossFit Mayhem we offer a multitude of programs for different ages and fitness levels.

Classes at Mayhem –  Getting Started | CrossFit Classes | Kids/Teens | L.I.F.E. @ Mayhem
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Classes at Mayhem

Getting Started

Are you ready to get started with CrossFit? We require all our regular CrossFit class members to attend our Back to Basics Intro. The Back to Basics introduces our beginners to CrossFit foundation movements. This class lasts one month and is two times per week. Sign up now!

CrossFit Classes

We offer our regularly scheduled CrossFit classes Monday through Friday. Check out our schedule of classes. These classes will follow the CF Mayhem programming that is posted online each day (called the Workout of the Day, or WOD). They last about one hour and are led by qualified, experienced coaches.


Our Kids program is twice a week and geared towards kids ages 5-12 years old. The program will focus on having fun while incorporating good, functional movement.

Our Teens program is three times a week and aimed at kids 13-17. This program does not require an introduction. The teens will begin at a foundation level and progress as they develop the best movement skills. In Teens, they will incorporate many of the movements that are used in the regular CrossFit classes, but the workouts are geared towards teens and their development.

L.I.F.E. @ Mayhem


L.I.F.E. @ Mayhem is our answer to, “I could never do Crossfit!”  L.I.F.E. stands for Longevity In Functional Efficiency” and its aim is to demonstrate that no one is too old or out-of-shape to benefit from the basic Crossfit principles of utilizing a variety of functional movements to enhance the quality and quantity of their lives. The Back to Basics Intro is NOT required for this class.

Online Programming

What’s Rich Doing? Basic

WRD-logo-2Are you looking for a challenge? Would you like to take your training to the next level? “What’s Rich Doing?” Basic is the only program that offers exactly what Rich Froning, the 4-time fittest man on earth, does every day.

You will be able to do the same workouts as Rich. This program will post every workout Rich does in detail, so you can follow his training methods. You will be able to log all of your workouts through Wodify and track your progress as your fitness improves.

Freedom Women Training

The Freedom Women Training program is going to provide the inside look into “What the women of the CrossFit Mayhem Freedom team are doing for training every day“. Most of the time, it will follow along with the programming from the, “What’s Rich Doing?” but it will offer the female’s standard weights to be used, the female standard for the movements as well as the scaled amount of reps if needed.

What’s Rich Doing? Specialty Program (Baises)

These new program Biases are made for individuals that want to target specific weaknesses. We understand that Rich trains a lot which can make it difficult to decide which of Rich’s workouts will best target your weaknesses. The Strength, Conditioning, and Gymnastic Biases have efficient, purposeful, and specific programming that will help you target those weaknesses.

Mayhem Regional Prep

You have made it through the CrossFit Open and you qualified for Regionals. Or maybe you didn’t qualify this year, but you want to! Ready to step up your programming to prepare? Check out the 9 week Mayhem Regional Prep to help you get there! This program starts on April 3, 2017.

Mayhem Open Prep 2018

The Open is over…. finally. Our five weeks in the pain cave have come to an end and the next phase of the CrossFit season has begun. For a select few, that means training for regionals. For over 99% of CrossFit athletes, that means attacking weaknesses and preparing for the CrossFit Open 2018. Because of the success many athletes saw with Mayhem Open Prep, we have decided to continue with a similar program in the offseason to help you continue to progress for next year.