Mayhem Nutrition Challenge Winner: Kevin Scarbro

The Nutrition Challenge:

Over the span of 8 weeks, the members that signed up for the nutrition challenge were expected to follow a healthy lifestyle change that could range from tracking macronutrients, zone, paleo, or just eliminating sugars. Each week, members were also expected to complete the challenge which varied from 300 wall balls, 400 burpees etc. At the end of the 2 month period, the athlete that had the biggest body composition change and completed the the challenges on time would become the winner. Kevin Scarbro was that winner.

Kevin’s Results:

Kevin not only lost 38 pounds, but he dropped 10% body fat and 25.5 inches. Kevin would show up early to every class to get extra reps in, and would be the last to leave. His continued persistence to become better has not only changed his appearance, but has undoubtedly increased his overall longevity. Kevin is an inspiration to all and should be commended on his achievements. If you see Kevin at the gym, congratulate him as well as all of the athletes that participated in the challenge. You all did AMAZING!

Kevin’s Story:

My CrossFit journey started when I brought my son and daughter to CrossFit kids after talking to Lauren Neal. I was really impressed with how nice all the coaches and everybody were. As I continued to bring my son back, I would watch the regular classes and noticed they were made up of a wide range of people and that the coaches worked with you based on your ability. I also liked the fact that it seemed like everyday was something new and that they were always challenging you to do your best. So after many years of on again off again working out on my own, where I would lose 10,15, 20 pounds for little while then gain it plus some back, I decided to give CrossFit a shot. Jace asked me in my first intro class what I wanted to get from CrossFit. I have two young kids so my goal was to get myself in better shape, so I would be healthier and be able to more easily run around and do active things with them. I also wanted to just feel more comfortable with myself when we go out and do things, like going to pool and such.

Entering the nutrition challenge is when I really turned a corner. With the help of Jess I started following the zone diet and learned to eat the proper portions of healthy food. The last 9 months has been a lifestyle change for me as I am eating much better, trying to get more sleep, and staying more active. I am excited everyday to come to class and see what kind of crazy workout is scheduled for that day. I am very appreciative of all my coaches help and words of wisdom throughout this process, as well as my fellow cross fitters words of encouragement since day 1.

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