Mayhem 3.0 Grand Opening

February 11, 2017


Rx Men
  • 1st: One Valley CrossFit (Hill/Greer) [CrossFit One Valley, Knoxville, TN]
  • 2nd: Brigade Brutes 3.0 (Cardin/Browne) [CrossFit Brigade, Chattanooga, TN]
  • 3rd: Thruster I Barely Know Her (Sailer/Sanders) [UAVE CrossFit, Champaigne, IL / 5 Alarm CrossFit, Bloomington, IL]
Rx Women
  • 1st: Pippy Power (Gilliland/Bergin) [unaffiliated, Nashville, TN / CrossFit Rampage, Murfreesboro, TN]
  • 2nd: Gunz and Bunz (McGuffie/Chilton) [CrossFit Brigade, Chattanooga, TN]
  • 3rd: KC and Rae of Sunshine Band (Hatten/Miniard) [ESF CrossFit, Cincinnati, OH]
Scaled Men
  • 1st: One Valley ½ (Walker/Roberts) [CrossFit STY, Centralia, IL / CrossFit One Valley, Knoxville, TN]
  • 2nd: Mississippi Bandits (Moore/Moss) [Cross City CrossFit, Corinth, MS]
  • 3rd: 2 Dudes from LU (Lovelace/Sanders) [Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA]
Scaled Women
  • 1st: T & J–All day (Scott/Brooks) [CrossFit Mount Juliet, Mt Juliet, TN]
  • 2nd: Mother Thrusters (Corwine/Livingston) [CrossFit Mount Juliet, Mt Juliet, TN]
  • 3rd: CFOV Dudettes (Hill/Creekmore) [CrossFit One Valley, Knoxville, TN]
Masters Men (40 & up)
  • 1st: QCOG’s (Blackburn/Collum) [Quad Cities Strength, Muscle Shoals, AL]
  • 2nd: Rap and Roll (Deime/Robinson) [CrossFit Maximus, Lexington, KY]
  • 3rd: Chris Archer (Archer/Newberry II) [CrossFit Mayhem, Cookeville, TN / CrossFit KTown, Knoxville, TN]
Master Women (40 & up)
  • 1st: Stronger U (Young/Davis) [CrossFit Ktown / CrossFit 865, Knoxville, TN]
  • 2nd: PR’d. My pants (Brandon/Heimsness) [IMA CrossFit, Lebanon, TN]
  • 3rd: CreekBank (Biggers/Reynolds) [Creekbank Fit, Hartsville, TN]

Competition Details:

  • Teams of 2 (MM, FF pairs)
  • Rx’d (Ages 18+), Masters (Ages 40+) and Scaled (Ages 18+) divisions
  • Hero workout in honor and memory of a local Cookeville hero, Sergeant Alexander Van Aalten.
  • Proceeds from registrations and donations will go to the Disabled American Veterans, Cookeville Tn Chapter 117. You can also check out their Facebook page.
  • Top 5 teams in each division go to the final workout.


  • Workout #1: Van Aalten – our Local Hero WOD
    • 20 Minute AMRAP, Partners
    • 2000 M Row (partner must be holding handstand)
    • 150- Wallballs (partner must be holding handstand)
    • Max T2B
      *One partner must be holding a handstand throughout the row and wallballs*
  • Workout #2: Partner “DT”
    • 15 Minute AMRAP, Partner Style (You go, I go)
    • 12 deadlifts, 9 hang cleans, 6 shoulder to overhead
    • Rx: 155/105, Scaled & Masters: 115/75
  • Workout #3: Partner “Rahoi”
    • 12 Minute AMRAP, Partner Style (You go, I go)
    • 12 box jumps, 6 thrusters, 6 bar facing burpees
    • Rx: 135/95, Scaled & Masters: 95/65
  • Workout #4: Partner “Bradshaw”
    • 10 Rounds for Time
    • 3 Strict HSPU
    • 6 Deadlifts (315/225)
    • 12 C2B pull-ups
    • 24 double unders
      *Work can be shared however partners choose*

Thank you to our SPONSORS!!!

In Honor and Memory

Sergeant Alexander Van Aalten
Sept. 2, 1985 — April 20, 2007

Alexander Van Aalten PHOTO
SGT Alexander Van Aalten

Sergeant (SGT) Alexander Van Aalten, 21, of the Cumberland Cove community near Monterey, Tennessee, died during combat operations in Afghanistan on Friday, April 20, 2007.

Alex was born September 2, 1985, in Orlando, Florida, the son of Edward “Ed” and Susan Stokes van Aalten of Monterey. He demonstrated great faith and leadership skills early on in his life.  As a black belt in Ti Kwon Do Karate, he instructed other young people at the Jack Scott United Karate Studio.  He graduated from Cookeville High School in 2004 as the JROTC Cadet Battalion Commander of the Cavalier Battalion, the top leadership position.

Immediately following high school graduation in June 2004, he enlisted in the U.S. Army as an 11B Infantryman.  Upon completion of Basic and Airborne training at Fort Benning, Georgia, his first assignment was with the 2nd Brigade Combat Team (BCT), 325 Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR), 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, NC.  He deployed with them to Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) in 2005 in support of the Iraqi National Elections where he served honorably as an up-armored M1114 Humvee gunner.  Two years later, he deployed as a Sergeant with Delta Company, 1-508 PIR, 82nd Airborne Division in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) in Kandahar region of southern Afghanistan.

He reenlisted for six more years of service in the Army just two weeks prior to his untimely death.  His mom said, ““He loved serving his country.  He loved being in the Army. He believed in what he was doing.”

On the morning of April 20, 2007, SGT Alex Van Aalten volunteered for a mission to rescue a Dutch Soldier stuck in a minefield.  That morning as he attempted to rescue a Dutch Corporal, Cor Strik, a land mine required his last full measure.

SGT Alex Van Aalten was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and the Netherlands Decoration of Merit of the Minister of Defense in Gold.  He is buried in Section 60 of the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA, next to the Pentagon.

“No one has greater love than this, than to lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13)