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  1. Dear CFM crew, I have an Airdyne bike. Do you happen to know the equivalent calories? If you know of a formula, I would sincerely appreciate you sharing it. Thank you for your efforts.

  2. Front squat:
    225# x 3
    240# x 2
    250# x 1
    250# x 1
    255# x 1 (new pr 5#)
    Metcon: 14:42 rx except 50# db snatch

      • Thank you Chad. You have been doing really well on the metcons, you are pushing me from across the country 😉
        You guys make it out to the games at all? You’re close now aren’t you?

        • Haha, thanks Vic, glad I can be of help! I give Dayna the credit… I’m on summer break from school so I’ve been working out with her every day. She tends to kick my butt so I have to work harder to not make the loss as bad.

          No, we didn’t make it out to The Games but hope to next year. We volunteered again at the Central Regional in Nashville and had a blast, but had some other things going on this summer making it difficult to fit in a trip to Madison. We live about 25 miles northeast of Detroit, so it would’ve been about a 7 hour trip. Dayna’s sister lives about an hour northwest of Chicago, so the drive would be familiar and easy for us. Hopefully next year we’ll be there!

          We hope all is well in SoCal!

  3. Really I have a airdyne and yes assault bike is harder but not 1.5 harder because think of it has holding emom 15 cal for 20 min never you will hold 20 cal on the airdyne it’s the gear that is bigger even lower the calories for girls is not accurate