16 Replies to “05/12/2014”

  1. Hey Lauren, I sent an e-mail letting you guys know that me and Troy are going to be coming down to visit from June 1-6. I don’t know if you got them or not, but if you didn’t just let me know I just wanted to ask about the drop in fees and stuff. Have a great day!

    • Great. I didn’t see it yet… but I have been a bit behind with Regionals stuff and my regular job. 🙂 Sounds great through. That would be a good weekend. 🙂 Drop in fees are $20.

      • Awesome! I figured you guys were busy with Regionals anyways just wanted someone to know we’ll be coming down. Good luck this weekend! We’ll be cheering you guys on from home!

  2. Lauren,

    Would it be more beneficial in this type of METCON to choose a weight on the FS you can do unbroken? Or just do RX and break it up? Thanks, love the workouts!!!!

  3. #95 FS
    Did this workout a couple weekends ago off crossfit website, beat previous time by 3min 2 sec. Getting my FS form down and it helped a lot.

  4. Judged 16:13 Rx (195#) and advancing bar forward each round. Can’t wait to do this again with a different strategy, pretty happy though as HSPU’s are a GOAT of mine!

  5. 32:39 Rxd Don’t have strict HSPU or kipping HSPU in my wheel house have started really working on them

  6. 21-15-9-6-3
    Strict HSPU (feet on smith machine bar at about 5’10”) unbroken
    Front Squat (135) 21(11/10) 15(9/6) 9-6-3
    Burpee over bar – unbroken, but paced.
    about 24mins!