The Lynn Family!

Congratulations Thomas Lynn!!

Thomas will be competing in the Masters Division (60+) this summer at the CrossFit Games!

Your entire family (including your CrossFit family) are so excited and proud! You are a wonderful example for us all! We love and support you at every level!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!! 🙂


Metcon (Time)

Deadlift (365/255)

Deadlift (335/225)
Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Deadlift (315/205)
Chest to Bar Pull-ups

15 Replies to “05/01/2014”

  1. And to my point above, if I wanted to workout say Mon, Tues with Wed off and Thurs, Fri, Sat with Sunday off, do I continue by picking up with the workout that was set for my rest day or just do the WOD for the day? I’m inclined to think that I should do the “next WOD in line”, that was on one of my rest days so I don’t miss that part of the WOD structure. Help with this would be great! Thanks

    • I workout Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, take Thursday as a rest day and then do Thursday and Fridays workouts on Friday and Saturday and rest Sunday again, that way I’m not missing anything.

  2. DL 275# 5-3-1 muscle ups
    DL225# 9-6-3 chest to bar
    DL 185# 12-9-6 chest to bar

  3. 11:50 (255#, 225#, 205# DL; MUs off box, kipping C2B PUs, kipping PUs)

  4. 20:53 (DL’s – 265#, 245#, 235#; MU’s – jumped thru transition, strict CTB PU’s not exactly strict, all singles.) This one was a real struggle.

  5. 300# 5-3-1 MUs
    275# 9-6-3 Strict C2B Pull-ups
    250# 12-9-6 C2B Pull-ups

  6. First Mayhem WOD for me and it was rough!
    Scaled it : 315# – 295# – 275#, everything else as written.

  7. Accidentally did 375, 345, 315…..Terrible math so I guess I didn’t do Rx and inadvertently one upped myself. 🙂