Photo by Hillary Froning Photography
Photo by Hillary Froning Photography

OPEN Workout 14.4 – We will have Friday Night Lights again this week beginning at 5:30pm and we will do the 14.4 workout. If you plan to participate on Friday night and have not already signed up, please make sure you have filled out the CF Mayhem Open Workout Registration Form.

REMINDER: We will not have the 4:45pm, 6pm and 7:15pm class on Friday. CROSSFIT KIDS will be at 4pm instead of 4:45pm.

Metcon (Time)

10 Rounds
Row 250m
15 Push ups
Rest 30 seconds between rounds

Power Cleans

3 Reps on the minute for 10 minutes

10 Replies to “03/20/2014”

  1. On vacation, went to globogym and modified.

    Metcon: 75lb SDHP x 25 reps (rower sub) with push-ups.


    Power cleans: 135lb x 3, stayed a little lighter since I couldn’t drop weights.

  2. Metcon: 19:22

    Power Cleans: 175 (185 x 2; started at 135 and gradually worked up)

  3. metcon 1 14′ 45″ without rest . 1 rep ta 200lbs and 3*60 kg 3*65kg 3*70 3* 75kg 6*70kg. Grace : 3’30”

  4. Metcon was a killer for me, push ups need to get better. Only had time to get 7 rounds done.

    Power Cleans were at 185 though.

    Taking a shower was tough today, arms were dead.

  5. Metcon 1: 14:25 Rx’d (rest time included in total time)

    Metcon 2: I did DB Squat Cleans with 55lb DB’s