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  1. Chad,

    Your numbers are always very close yo mine so I always appreciate your scaling.

    Regarding today’s snatch EMOM, did you plan that progression from beginning or did you feel the 95 and 105 were comfortable? I’m thinking of trying 115 from the start.

    • Dax,

      I went into the workout thinking I’d start light and work through 3-4 different weights. Early on, I thought I might get to 125# because the first two weights felt pretty light, but the last few sets of 115# were a bit more challenging than I anticipated. I wanted to maintain proper form so I didn’t push myself into 125#.

      If I planned on only sticking with one weight for all twelve sets with proper form, I would’ve planned on working with 105#. I hope this helps and good luck!

  2. 135 across all 12 min rounds

    Metcon changed to partner WOD due to 1 GHD

    17:00 time to complete

  3. Got 115 all the way through, last 2 sets were a little sketchy. Definitely didn’t catch at the top in a stable position and had to muscle up a few reps.

    Metcon: 14:39

  4. Hey Mayhem team,

    I was wondering if the trainers could be more interactive with the website. I see NorCal Labs and Miranda post videos for some of their workouts, and provide tips and tricks to their programs. Wondering if you all could provide more in depth on the actual site. Im a huge follower of this box, and I use some wods every now and then for my own classes.

  5. Power Snatch: 115
    Metcon: 14:37, GHDs off of 24″ box, feet anchored, two hand touch.

  6. Snatch
    3×4 90lbs, 3×4 95lbs, 3×4 100lbs, 2×4 105lbs

    18:23 (all the pull-ups were strict, no kipping) took awhile to get that many after the first couple sets

  7. 03/18/2014: metcon 6’14”. 111lbs for power snatch , my snatch technique is very poor so the weight isn’t very heavy. But I’ve signed in a halt√©rophile club.