8 Replies to “03/12/2014”

  1. Everyone did great on the intensity, effort and progressions during this today in my group.

    Back squat at 270lb then
    Met on complete as rx’d except the GHD sit ups were subbed with an mat floor touch both ends sit ups due to I availability of the GHD at 24:30.

    Overhead squats done by 10 reps then by 5s until complete. Muscle ups had to be done in singles due to the height limitations they were hung at. Great day.

  2. BS: 275-300-300(1)
    Metcon: 1000m Row+75 GHD’s+50 OH’s Rx+15 MU’s in 25 min

  3. Back Squat: 225
    Metcon: 1000m Row + 75 GHD Sit-Ups + 50 OHS (95#) + 21 Pull-Ups & 21 Dips (scaled 3 PUs & 3 Dips per MU because I still cannot execute one MU) in 25 Minute Time Cap

  4. Back Squat: 295
    Metcon: 20:37. Scaled – GHD’s two hand touch off of 24″ box, 105 lb OHS, jumping ring MU’s.

  5. I really liked this Metcon! 205 lbs pause squat Metcon. 25:30 … Took me 3 minutes for the last MU ha

  6. BS 260#

    400m run (treadmill)
    20 GHD sit ups (on ex ball)
    15 OHS 115#
    10 Strict pull ups
    10 Strict dips (ceiling to low to do bar MUps and no rings at gym)