9 Replies to “02/15/2014”

  1. 45:34 I don’t have a rower so I ended up doing 200 SDLHP’s at 45lbs for each of the 30 cal row’s. I am not sure what the distance on a rower would be in order to burn 30 cals I figured a 2k row would be close to it. I completed this workout in the afternoon. In the morning I did the 10 rounds: 300M row and 30 wall ball metcon and completed that in 34:14 they both completely kicked my butt today and I will be feeling it the rest of the weekend.

  2. 31:17 RX – beast of a WOD.
    Hey Rickey, 30 cals is roughly 60-70 seconds of ME rowing or about 350 meters. Def not 2K! You did alot of work, nice job.