18 Replies to “12/06/13”

  1. Weighted pullup:
    25lb x 5, 50lb x 3, 85lb x 2, 105lb x 1
    Weighted dip:
    25lb x 5, 50lb x 3, 85lb x 2
    EMOM for 5min:
    Weighted ring dips 35lb x 5
    Weighted pullups 35lb x 5
    Then 25 pullups/25 ring dips (strict)

    Metcon: 5:30

  2. Love the programming I crossfit from home and follow y’all’s box programming almost all the time. Noticed you have been puttin the met on before strength last week or two is this planned?

  3. 7:45 –
    band assist for pull ups
    35lb KB

    farmers carry 35lb each hand around my gym X2.5 not sure on distance