13 thoughts on “12/03/2013

  1. First time posting my time on here. I’m doing these at 7500 ft. elevation in Afghanistan, so my times are a little slow…

    As Rx

    3 minute rest

    3:43 row

  2. Can somebody clarify, “If scaling, pick a weight you cannot do touch & go,” I am not sure I understand completely.

    • Kevin… don’t choose a weight that is too heavy, but don’t choose one that you can do touch and go. If 135 was too heavy, I would choose something I can successfully do with good form, but one at a time because the weight is heavy enough to challenge me. I might choose 115. Something I can do well, but not super fast. :) I hope that helps.

  3. METCON : 20:04 135lb wasnt t n g but probably could have went heavier…a bit disappointed there.

    Row: 4:02 damper setting 8