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  1. I am looking to get some knee sleeves and was debating between the 5 and 7mm thickness. I have never used them before, so wanted to know what everyone thoughts before i spend a bunch of money. Thoughts?

    • i’m not a medical expert or a licensed trainer, but, if you plan to use them to warm up your ‘knee’ muscles/ligaments only, the 5mm will be fine. the 7mm will do that and offer more support. i use 7s. my knees are weak. it boils down to a personal preference.

  2. worked up to 85lb- stayed their for the last 4 sets of close grip bench
    MET – 23:01 – scaling with pul-up – band assisted, and reg push ups on the ground
    Arms are feeling the burn – TY 🙂

    • Yea… the gym is large and the flag is in the middle. This picture was taken from behind the person and from the back of the gym. If you are looking from the entrance… it is correct, but from this direction… not so much.

  3. EMOM:
    5 PS 165#

    5 good squat snatch 175#

    3×3 OH

    Mayhem metcon 13:09rx