22 Replies to “11/06/2013”

  1. I live in Pittsburgh, PA and follow your programming. Just wanted to say Thanks. 225 close grip. 85 lb snatch. 9:30

  2. Bench Press: 135-145-155
    I rarely bench so need to work on strength…

    Metcon: 7:51
    1.5 Pood / 24″ Box Jump

    All I have is kettle bells in my home gym..

  3. Thank you to y’all! We are glad you are enjoying it! 🙂 I don’t get to respond to everything like I would like, but know that we do look at the comments often!

    • I’ve been following the Mayhem programming since August 21st and have had significant gains. I generally program on my own for the weekend as sometimes its not posted, but I can’t thank you enough.

    • Thank you so much, Lauren and CrossFit Mayhem team! I live in Tver, Russia and am following your program just the fourth week.

    • Thank you so much for your programming. I live in England UK. I have also got a lot fitter since following this.

  4. CGBP: 135#-145#-145# + 155#(5 reps)

    Metcon: 8:36
    In metcon i use 75# dumbbell.

    Thank you guys for what you do not give us relax! I live in Togliatty, Russia. In my city there is no affiliates and certification crossfit-coach, therefore i’m very grateful to you for your work. You are helping me prepare to compete in Crossfit!

  5. CGB: 1@ #185 (poor form), 2 @ #145 (perfect form)

    #35 (my only set of dumbells)
    24in box

    Thanks from Virginia. I love the strenght schedule and metcons. Huge gains since following you in June. Visited some boxes around here. Most programing lacks the focus on a strength segment and oly lifts. Purely metcons and basic at that due to turnover in members. I’ve built a nice little box right here in my garage and consider Mayhem my home affiliate.

    God Bless!

  6. hi am a crossfiter of Brazil makes a year do the wod of crossfit.com this week and started to follow you.
    yesterday was hard wod, I consado today.
    so I did Dumbbell Snatch with 30kg
    and heel with 74cm height.
    the total time was 9’30 “

  7. Good to see other folks following from out of state; glad I’m not the only one. (= I’m over in GR, Michigan; been following for a couple months now and enjoying the programming, so thanks a bunch!

    Bench: 155
    Metcon: 6:15 65lb DB

  8. Bench: 175
    Metcon: 11min with 85lb db
    I need to step it up. Hitting the gym at 6am just kills my times. I work out much better in the afternoon but no time with the family

    My brother and I have both been following for a while now and live out in sunny Southern California

  9. Hi Lauren, i work as you are programming by June of this year and i am a new man. I have regained my physical, strenght and shape. Thank you from Italy. A bye to my idol Rich.


  10. I live in Atlanta and have been following since March. Got my entire gym on this program and everyone has seen gains.
    Bench: 185,205,215
    Metcon: 9:44 90lb db

  11. Much appreciation from New Jersey. I have been following your workouts for a month now and I am loving it more than crossfit.com wods. Thank you once again from New Jersey.

    CG Bench: 155, 165, 175

    Metcon: 14:05 with 75lbs DB

  12. Close grip bench – 185, 195, 195

    Metcon – 11:48. Used 105# DB. The 100# DB was a little suspect.