17 Replies to “11/04/2013”

  1. Power clean 175#

    Metcon: 1-4 rounds did 120# barbell, 5-7 rounds did 110#
    My forearms were killed… Thank you guys 🙂

  2. so i do 1 round in one minute and rest one minute? and what if one round takes more than one minute?

    • No… You do 20 wall balls the first minute, 12 hang cleans the second minute, then repeat for 6 more rounds.

  3. Did this last night when it was posted…

    Power Clean:
    165×5 Minutes
    175×3 Minutes
    185×2 Minutes

    Metcon: (Did 3 rounds as I was out of time)
    10lb Medball
    95lb Hang Clean

  4. Cleans: 185/5,195/3,205/2.
    Metcon: used 105 for the hang cleans. That was harder than it looked

  5. Power clean 155#
    Metcon used 95#/25# wall ball

    This was a lot harder than it looked on paper…2nd week of following this program again and love it!!!

  6. Power clean 155-185-225-245-265 2min with each weight.

    20lb wall ball
    135lb hang clean. Wanted to keep every set unbroken