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    • Usually people do 3 chest to bar pull ups and 3 dips for each muscle up but I find that to be even harder.

  1. Hi guys, sorry this might not be the best spot to post a question but hey! I’m a former professional hockey player and love the competitive style crossfit workouts and I’m really into it! I would like to gain some size now that I am done playing. Will these workouts do that? or do I need to add a strength program? if so what are some of the best? thanks for the newbie help! haha

  2. 310lb 1RM
    245lb 3 rep squats

    16:10 for Metcon
    Did 25 strict pull ups and 25 dips

    Had 3 weeks off. This is 4th work out back.
    Was great 🙂

  3. 16:13 metcon (65lb push press, 16lb wall ball); don’t have rings, so did 25 strict PU with 25 dips.

    Still relatively new to CF, so I could only work up to 220lb single rep backsquat, and then 185lb for 3 reps. Wondering what would be good #’s to shoot for, since I currently weigh 170. Thoughts?

  4. 300 Back Squat PR
    245 3-3-3-3

    Metcon: 18:50
    10# Medball
    65# PP
    Sub 2/2 Pull-ups & Ring Dips