13 Replies to “10/28/2013”

    • That is part of the workout. You must complete the Cash in to begin the workout and the Cash out at the end.

  1. 19:09
    (1-2 155#, 3-5 135#)
    Yesterday i did hang clean 155#, 3 reps on the min for 10 min.
    And my arms today don’t be ready at DT 🙁
    Very bad time…

  2. took around 20 minutes

    scaled to 115#

    did 3x single unders

    trying to get back into the WOD after some time off.

  3. 7:35 – scaled to 105 b/c pretty new to this stuff and wrists can’t quite handle the normal load yet. Did the DU but they’re not included in the time. (not sure if they should have been, but oh wells…)