Jason and Rich-13-5-2

REMINDER: We are hosting a Level 1 Seminar on Saturday, the workout will be offsite. We will be meeting at Dogwood Park at 8:30am.

Metcon (Time)



Front Rack Lunges
Push Press


Work on L-Sit & Handstand hold

19 Replies to “10/25/2013”

  1. Male-29-207 lbs-6’3”

    Im pretty sure the lunges are split between both legs. Thats the way I did any way. Thats 210 total reps.

    Metcon- 14:43-rx

  2. Metcon: 12:13

    It’s one of the hardest wod, of those whom i did…
    I thought that i would do 2-3 rounds not throwing barbell. Hahaha, i was naive 🙁

  3. Love the programing here. I will be in knoxville for the next 6 weeks. I am planning on stopping by on the weekends.

    First round & last 3 rounds unbroken.
    Heck of a workout.

  4. That was a beast of a workout , it took me 20 mins and I was an absolute mess ,looking at the times above it makes me feel I realy need to dig a bit deeper. I am 44 and been doing crossfit for 1 year , is 20 mins a bad time or is all the good scores above from young guys and women??

  5. 20mins is not bad at any age Duncan!! Keep it up…and remember..it NEVER GETS EASIER!!!

    Did this last ngiht…my training partner couldnt make it.
    13:05 Rx