16 Replies to “10/21/2013”

  1. I don’t now, how many minutes do power snatch.
    I did 135#, 2 reps touch&go on the minute for 5 min. For me it’s heavy weight. 145# power snatch fall…

    Metcon: 14:26
    I did “book” instead of GHD situps, because i haven’t GHD 🙁

  2. A clarification pls, Lauren:

    When performing a move “between rounds,” do we finish the workout with the same move?
    For example, today, do with close with the single C/J OR the C/J plus a last set of GHDs?
    Thx 🙂

  3. Power snatch: got up to 145 then back down to 135 for 5 more rounds.

    Metcon: 17min not sure what the hell happened here. No ghd so I did some squat rack mod but the rest went pretty good. I blame monday

  4. Thanks, Matt and Yvette. Mo work, mo fun!

    90# on the emom

    85# on the CJ

    finished with a tabata tug o war with my new (ancient) tractor tire

  5. Metcon: 14:51 Rx
    Day one of a Catalyst Athletics 5-week cycle that focuses on snatch and clean & jerk PRs, with an emphasis on pulling strength so that will be my strength segement of the day.