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  1. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good instructional video regarding Power Cleans? For whatever reason, my Squat Clean has been stronger close to 250-264lbs vs a 225PC. I am thinking I must be feeling real comfortable in the full drop and must work the ”shrug” better during the movement to drop underneath quickly vs knowing I cant or shouldnt drop much at all with the PC and I may not be shrugging the weight up enough and am mistakenly ‘muscle’n” it up? Thanks!

      • I mean you guys always put up good numbers but I know the crossfit main page suggests you put body weight and height to determine load. That’s why I ask

  2. Squat Clean: 12 minutes to work up to 4 rep max touch and go: 135-145-155-165-175 185-195lbs
    Metcon: 11:10rx

  3. Power clean: 195 could do 205 but not touch and go
    Metcon: 12:07 toes to bars killed me on this one.

  4. anyone got a good tip on how to progress in weight with these cleans. power cleaning is ok with the clean but, the down part seems to be a struggle and sometimes looks ugly ,its more the down part I have the issue with. cleaning the weight up is good, down a bit poor. Any tips will be good