8 Replies to “10/09/2013”

  1. Matcon 31:14
    Not happy with the time but battled through the muscle up to get a new pr of 12.

  2. 21:03 Rx. Hit a wall after 10 MUs. Thanks to Darren and everybody for helping me to keep going!
    Dropped in with a buddy of mine for this WOD at 8:15. Was very impressed with the welcoming (despite the t-shirt ordeal hahaha). Thanks again to Darren for the great coaching and everyone for the motivation. Also, thanks to Rich for taking the time out to talk with us and take a few pictures. Class act. Will definitely be dropping in if I’m ever in the area again!

  3. Happy B-day Ben!!

    Got 9 Muscle ups in WOD. I am still working on stringing muscle ups together. Very tough after all that work. Did low rings with band to finish. Great workout.