18 Replies to “09/23/2013”

  1. Did 80k 5 on the min

    And did a progressive handstand thing (not real education on gymnastic movements yet) instead of the parallette hand stand push up cause that’s the only thing i could find with phspu but I got 8 rounds total.

    Do you know a good website to learn more about gymnastic movement?

    • Best way is to start with your knees on the box and then just work your way to regular ones. I still struggle on the paralette and defecit, but it’s a hard movement.

  2. Min. 1-2 155#,3-4,135#,4-12 125#….really thought I would be able to do 155# but def. not 5 on the min…

    5 rounds Rx’d

    • Those were the first shirts we sold, we have since discontinued that one and currently do not have any others with Rich Froning Fitness on them. Sorry.

  3. Sub’d Clean & Jerk for just doing Cleans for strength.
    2×5 @ 115
    2×5 @ 135
    2×5 @ 165
    1×5 @ 185

    Metcon: 12 Rounds
    Regular HSPU
    36lb KB

  4. 155# PC
    7 Rounds + 2 HSPU
    PU on 50# dumbbells, 70# kbell, situps on ball with feet hooked into bench