18 Replies to “09/18/2013”

  1. 1st wod
    1000m 3:25
    R 2m
    1000m 3:30

    2nd wod

    Really fun after yesterday lol hope everyone killed it this morning. Have a great day!

  2. Row 1: 3:50
    Row 2: 3:52
    Metcon : 22:02. RX
    Wow that sucked after yesterday. That 185 just got heavy fast.

  3. I love the programming. I am currently deployed overseas and look forward to these WODs everyday. Im limited on equipment and competition so I also love competing with the results on here!

    Row 1: 3:20
    Row 2: 3:23
    Metcon: 15:22

  4. 1st row 3:40
    2nd row 3:55

    Metcon : 13:02

    Is it just me or does everyone’s collar bone really hurt in the front rack? Or am i in the wrong position??

  5. Adam,
    Try getting the bar behind the front shoulder and not so much on the bone itself, keep your elbows high, and try adjusting your hand posistioning.