17 Replies to “09/06/2013”

  1. Back Squat
    176lbs all sets
    Metcon (AMRAP)
    8 rounds +15 wall balls + 10 Pull-Ups + 1 Burpee
    It was a good one.

  2. 185# Back Squat

    Metcon 8 rounds 15 reps
    Hard to have good transition times when you have to walk from room to room to do wall balls

  3. Do you guys post workouts for Saturday and Sunday? If not, what should I do on those days? I follow a 3 on 1 off 2 on 1 off program where my rest days land on Thursday and Sunday.


  4. Anyone else 185 is becoming the new 135?!

    185lbs, goal was to do them all unbroken/ touch and go’s. Failed that at round 8.

    1:07 for DU’s

  5. Hey all! I’ve been following CrossFit Mayhem for two weeks, and I was wondering if they post workouts for the weekends? I haven’t seen a WOD for Saturday yet and I was just wondering? Also, if not, what should I do as a workout?

    • Brandon-
      I usually pick up Thursday’s WOD on Sat because Thursday and Sunday are my rest days. I have been following Mayhem for about four months now. Welcome!

      • Hey Josh! Great idea! That’s exactly what I did today, I just did Thursdays WOD, it fit perfectly!! I love Mayhem

    • We do normally post a Saturday workout, but we have had crazy weekends lately. Last week we hosted a seminar and this week Rich and the CF Mayhem team were honored by city for their accomplishments. Just a note also, the Saturday workouts are not usually posted until later in the day though.

  6. Back Squats @ 220#

    Scaled MetCon:
    – 15 Thrusters @ 20#
    – 10 Jumping Pull-ups
    – 5 Burpees
    Total: 10 rounds + 15 Thrusters + 1 Jumping Pull-up

  7. squatted a couple days ago, so just the MC

    15# ball sub
    9 rounds + 12 WB

    PU getting better; most rounds unbroken