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  1. The strength is listed 2nd back-to-back days…is it suggested to do the MetCon first, then the strength…as a change-up?! Thanks

  2. Metcon:
    P/C: 176, 165, 154, 154, 154, 154, 154, 154, 154, 154
    100 DU’s -Rx
    I am not able to string alot of double unders but I decided today to do all the DU’s no matter the time.
    D/L: @220# x 5 x 5
    After some rest I will be able to PR my deadlift, I believe. Before 242# was my max think I am far past that now.

  3. PC: 115#
    DU: 1:37
    DL: 205

    I haven’t seen the cashout in most CF programming. Is this something to jump to ASAP after the prior WOD, or is some rest time appropiate?

    • If a specific rest time is listed, then take that rest and then begin. If not time specified, then proceed to the skill work asap. The goal is to practice the skill while still in a decificit capacity (tired state). Usually people practice a skill when fresh…but in reality, we need to be able to perform the skill while doing a metcon. This get an athlete in a “tired” state and then allows them to work on a skill!

  4. Made a mix workout and did 10 min OTM workout of:
    3 Power Clean @ 185
    10 DUs


  5. Power Clean: 175#
    Did not time DU

    Clean pulls on Deadlift at 205# working on keeping a strong back. Slow first pull, when I get in a hurry i do not get my knees out of the way of the bar, as you can imagine- OUCH!