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  1. How do you do this as a single person WOD?? Is the aim of a partner work out to both chip away at the set total?? If thats the case would i just half all the totals?

  2. Hey guys! My name’s Brandon Beylo, and I’m a college freshman at Syracuse University. Since moving into school, I have switched to CF Mayhem’s programming, and so far I am hooked! One quick tidbit though: How do you guys think I should scale/modify this workout? I do not have a partner to do this with (I can’t find another CrossFitter), and wall balls are out of the question at the gym.

    I was thinking either 5 rounds of 10-25-10-25? Or 10 rounds of 5-10-5-10? I was also going to substitute wall balls with thrusters (same motion)…

    Thanks for any input! Being a college freshman CrossFitter has been a challenge in the gym, but I’m making it work, because my goal is to compete, if the Lord so blesses me!

    • Just cut the reps in half. Go through each movement and complete that movement before going to the next one. Thruster is fine… maybe just use the bar.
      Hope it works out for you.

      • Thanks Lauren! I will do just that! Thanks for being quick with replying and posting each WOD as well!

  3. I know everyone is probably going to ask this question, but is it like we each have to do a 2500m row or is it collectively do a 2500m row?

  4. Really had a blast at Mayhem representing Crossfit Marion. Teamed up with “Doc” and got that one done in 23:39. hang cleans were tough. Great partner and fun times. Thanks again Mayhem staff and athletes for being so helpful.

  5. Changed it up quite a bit but you gotta do what u gotta do, no partner:
    1000m run
    25 DL 225
    50 push ups
    25 box jumps 24in
    50 hang clean 135lb

  6. Scaled MetCon (without partner) for time of:
    – 1000m run
    – 25 Deadlifts @ 110#
    – 50 Jumping Pull-ups
    – 25 Thrusters @ 20#
    – 50 Hang Cleans @ 65#

    Time: 16:41

  7. Good morning! I have been following your program for over a month now and I have a question. Would it be more important for me do the RX weight or to scale the weight down so I can do the moves without resting? Not just for this workout but in general until Im able to hit RX. Thanks!