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    • At the beginning of each minute, you start with 5 burpees and then start or continue with your snatches.

      So at the end of the each minute, you will stop snatching and do 5 burpees, then start snatching again until 50 snatches are completed.

      A great repetition WOD.

  1. Didn’t follow the program today- Sorry!
    My brother wanted to do a Birthday WOD

    Strength- Front Squat 5×5
    Metcond “16’s”
    4 Rounds
    16 Situps
    16 Pullups
    16 KB Swings 50#/35#
    Time- 8:09

  2. worked on turning around on handstand walks…I will forever suck at turning around.

    10:41 rx’d metcon.

  3. Scaled down to 95 # ( didn’t want to chance having to drop the bigger weights at the academy. Against rules to drop even from waist height)

    Time 7:21

    Did 6 rope climbs and worked on handstand walks