24 Replies to “08/28/2013”

  1. 14:28 Metcon
    No rowing machine in our weight room but used a pulley system to improvise!

    One week into CrossFit! Love at first snatch! Any quick tips?

    • Sounds great. No tips in particular other than make sure your form on lifts and movements is the best it can be – as perfect as you can get! Scale where you need to. Keep improving!

  2. PR’d today @198#! I know it is not big weight but it is progress for me. I was previously at 185#. Just enjoying the progress.
    Metcon: 18:10 @165#
    1000m Row: 4:08

  3. Hey Lauren,
    Had a question in reference to an order I placed two weeks ago with the shop and haven’t received. I realize this isn’t the forum but was hoping there was a # or person I could speak to about this. The website email hasn’t gotten a response after two attempts.

    Let me know.

    Thank you,

  4. Metcon
    As RXd- 18:15 full squat cleans
    Ghds took awhile (for me anyway.)

    1000 meters 3:55

  5. I wanna start implementing swimming into my workout, what would be a good distance to swim instead of the 1000m row?

  6. 6:32 standard sit ups, rx’d otherwise

    No rower so subbed 100 SDHP’s at 45lb in 2:05

  7. Scaled MetCon (Squat Cleans @ 115# and AbMat Sit-ups instead of GHD): 8:59
    Row 1K – 3:45