Photo by Hillary Froning Photography
Photo by Hillary Froning Photography


Grace (Time)

For Time:
30 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

Death by Double Under
Start with 5 DU
Add 5 each Minute until you can’t complete the prescribed reps in one minute.
If you fall out before the 10 min cap, Guess what? Work on your DU in the remaining time!

27 Replies to “08/27/2013”

  1. Hey Guys, I was on vacation last week, did a few workouts, but nothing major. Knee feels much better, we shall see how it goes. First real training workout will be done today. Looking forward to this one. What a way to start it back with Grace and some DU.

  2. Grace 4:52, first time ever doing the workout. Really learned from it. I need to pace myself better instead of just taking off. Was down to reps of 2 at one point. I also did it at 136lbs. (weird weights in the gym)
    Got to 3 mins of DU’s and practice for 10 minutes. Just can’t seem to string many together.
    Keep the programming coming. Getting faster and stronger everyday.

  3. 4:48 Rx’d
    First time I’ve done ‘Grace’. Weight controlled all the time because in my ‘Normal’ gym you can’t drop the weights (lone crossfitter in the whole of my town, Grimsby, England)
    I wish i could open my own box haha
    DU are coming along. Could only do 2 when i started 3 months ago. Got to 7 minute today until I broke rhythm.

  4. Grace-2:45 PR

    DUs- Got to 5 minutes and got hung up at 25 in a min for some reason. Worked on stringing DUs for the rest of time.

  5. Did a 5×5 DL at 65%.

    PR’d my Grace by 26 seconds…sad to say it was still over 6 minutes…progress, I guess..

    on the more positive side, got all the way through the DUs….all the way to 50 in a minute on the 10th minute.

    Fun day of programming.

  6. What vitamins do ya’ll take, I’ve been using gnc vitapacks but they are expensive and my urine is neon. Love the programming by the way.

  7. still working on stringing DU’s, so only 3 rounds, but 7 min of practice after that

    Grace: 95#
    Aimed for a rep every 10 sec to break 5min, got 4:52, a PR

  8. WU- stretching ,sit-ups push-ups
    Row 500m 2:10
    Grace (Time)
    For Time:
    30 Clean and Jerks (115)
    Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)
    Practice DU 5 min
    Row 500 m – 1:52

  9. For fun Lunch WOD. Nancy 22:44 (took 6 min off time, still at #95 ohs though)

    Afternoon WOD. Grace 5:43

    Double unders: completed the seventh minute, failed on minute 8.

  10. 1:16 which is a PR by 7 secs.

    Completed double unders to 10min. time cap. unless I read that wrong.

  11. Have been following this program since March, can’t always do things rx’d I workout in my backyard so limited resources, going to try and post more stuff: Grace: 2:16 rx’d 11rds on DU’s, love this programming I have improved loads since starting it Great stuff!

  12. Grace: had to partner up on this one. I train a water polo team and they just started this programming. Pace was 3:30-4min. The team well they died pretty quick. They will learn

    D/U: 11 rounds and 65 reps.

    • Impressive “Grace” times Everyone…considering my 7:26:69 time!!!

      I did the Push Press/KB Swing WOD in between GRACE and DUs.

      Scaled DUs with singles – 15 add 10 – got to 95; calves were burning attempting 105 in 10th rd (did not complete 🙁 )

  13. Scaled to 95#. Was at an Equinox not at my home box, and that barbell had some nasty knurl.

    3:39 which is a PR, just scaled..

    Couldn’t do the DU, will make it up.