Partner Workout

10 minutes – Work to heavy Bear Complex

— Then —

Run 800m

Plank hold (one partner must hold while other works)
100 Burpee over box (30/24)

Handstand hold (one partner must hold while other works)
100 Handstand Pushup

Bar hang (one partner must hang while other works)
100 Pullups

Run 800m

NOTE: You must both come down from the Plank, HS hold and Bar hang before switching movements within each couplet.

5 Replies to “08/17/2013”

  1. is it 100 reps per person or total? Do all 100 have to be performed by one and then the other or can we do 20 each for 5 rounds, ect?

    • That is 100 reps combined (not each), split however you would like but doing even amounts of work.

  2. Do you just go right into the workout after the Bear complex or are you supposed to rest a little and then go?