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    • took me about 13 minutes, but I only have one bar so I had to change weight between each movement.

  1. Squat snatch: 95/105/115/115/125/135×1 to finish off
    Form is finally coming around. It actually got better as it got a little heavier. Go figure

    Metcon: 7:32 that was God awful

  2. Squat Snatch (in kilos): 30/40/42.5/45/47.5 (105#)
    That was the first time for me doing Snatches. Will see how far a could go for the next time 🙂

    Scaled MetCon (21-15-9 for time of):
    – Deadlift @ 110#
    – Thrusters @ 45#
    Time: 5:01

  3. 95, 115, 135, 155, 155

    Metcon: 5:58

    Started with 30xring muscle ups with a double dip at the top.

  4. Did skill work on the Squat Snatches. For 30 mins, I drilled myself on good technique popping hips etc…I have only been doing snatches, cleans, etc. for about a month consistently so I want to ensure I am doing it correctly. Worked up to about 85lbs.

    Deadlifts @205#
    DB Thrusters w/ 50# duumbbells-gym only had one bar available
    Last WOD you posted with Deadlifts I could only do 185# so I am definitely getting stronger, I hope the speed comes later. Great programming keep it coming.

  5. Squat snatch-95,95,65,65,65 my form is not good on this so dropped weight back. Have trouble stabilizing with it overhead.


    Deads- 205, 155,155- 1st set nearly killed me so cut back

  6. Skill work on the Squat Snatch / OHS. Finally getting use to overhead squats–working on wrist and shoulder mobility more than anything.

    Was finally able to complete 3 consecutive OHS and work into the squat snatch.

    Deadlift: 135#
    Thruster: 45#

    Time: 10:30