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    • 135, 135, 135, 145, 145, 145, 145, 155, 165(f), 145
      10 sets 7 w/ feet on bar -decline pu

      Metcon 9:25
      1000m row 4 min
      100 du – 5:25 : (

  1. What might you suggest with this workout to replace the rowing. I know SDHP is an alternate but does it fit this workout and it seems I might have to do a ton to equal 1000m row. Thanks.

    • I asked the same a while back. The scale would be a 400m run for 500m row so a 800m run for 1000m row

    • Yes. It is a Parallette HSPU.
      Some alternatives are deficit HSPU, HSPU, modified HSPU (with abmats under head or from a box with knees on box). And if someone can’t do HSPU at all, we also have done strict shoulder press.

  2. METCON 1
    145# power clean
    7 PHSPU 10 rounds

    METCON 2

    Mind you I’m only 18 and weigh 138 and have been doing crossfit for about 3 months

  3. Metcon 1: Worked all the way up to 220lb and completed the 3 reps on the 9th set. Failed at 225lb on the 10th set. Couldn’t do HSPU because I got teeth pulled last Thursday and dentist said to wait a little longer until the wounds heal to do them so did 7 hand release push ups instead.
    Metcon 2: 6:55

  4. METCON #1:

    METCON #2:
    1000m – 4:14
    100 DU’s- did not time, I have not really been consistent with DU’s (my kryptonite), so I dedicated 30 mins of skill work to this instead. It is coming along.

  5. 165lb clean plus 7 phspu all 10 sets
    Metcon: 5:05. Hit 90 unbroken then clipped my damn toe. Wanted all 100 and sub 5. Next time