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  1. What is the “goal %” for the 5-4-3-2 warm up? I am assuming something like start at 225lbs at 5 reps and end up at my 87.5% for 2 reps which is 266? Or start a little heavier for a 5 rep max, 4 rep max etc.?

  2. Lauren, or anyone else on the blog,
    I have strained something in back of my knee squatting on Friday. Do you have any recommendations for getting the WOD done, but still allowing the knee to rest a little? Maybe squatting with less pressure on the knee. Box squatting? Thanks for any help.

    • My best advice to you is if you think you have to change the way you squat in order to do it you should probably rest. No use in doing a different type of squat and possibly changing your form or anything you know what I mean? Get it checked out if you can and make sure nothing is seriously wrong with it too just to be safe.

      • Good point. I was just thinking that if it just some on my tendonitis that is acting up then it may be the best option to tweak my squat depth and get a more vertical shin, but rest is probably the best way to go at the moment.
        It sucks because I have made some good progress and would hate to go backwards.

        • I know how you feel I had to miss last Thursday, Friday and Saturday and my I felt like I was missing so much, but then I went and did the workouts yesterday and I felt so good so rest always does you good. You just have to mentally be okay with not working out and that is the hardest part especially if you enjoy it.

    • My rule of thumb is if I am in pain… I stop that movement. If I am just sore (like muscle soreness)… I work through or modify if necessary if the movement cannot be done correctly.

  3. Can’t wait to get to the gym and try this out. I have not really done DB Snatches so it should be challenging.

  4. Warmed up with a mile run and wall balls til you drop…62 reps


    BS 270-270-270

  5. Back Squat: 220lbs
    Metcon 8:50
    Scaled DB Snatch to 60lbs, first time doing them. Really enjoying the programming always new challenges
    Toes to Bar Rx

  6. What type of strength program are ya’ll basing today’s squats off of? is it a specific one? i’m just getting back into it after a move and really hoping to regain my conditioning and strength quickly so looking for a good strength program

  7. No squat because the knee.
    Set new PR in strict press 145#

    60# DB snatch
    Knees to elbows