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    • From 7/18/2013


      Well… I went straight to the source and asked Rich. He says a 400m run would be best.
      And thanks for getting the response below! Perfect!

  1. Clean & Jerk ladder-210#
    I just started doing clean & jerks. I need a lot of help with technique and motor learning.

    For some reason I thought the WOD said 5 reps. Oops!
    5 rounds of:
    5 115# C&J + 400m run

    Anyway, did the 1st wod in 13:50, and went straight to the Airdyne and did 50 cal in 1:12. Awesome workout. Cleaning Nancy!!!

  2. This was my first time to visit this box and was well worth the 4 hour drive from Birmi gham AL. I can’t say enough good things about this gym, thanks for making feel welcome there and all the advice. I will try my best to drive up many more times and bring friends. I would call this place the box of champions

    • Thank you Paul! Your comment is very kind and very much appreciated! Hope to see you again soon! 🙂